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IT’S HERE, FADING is now officially released worldwide on all major digital music outlets !!

That’s right it is .7.27.2023 and the BILL E BOYD PROJECT album “FADING” has been released worldwide by PIK-TONE! RECORDS, via digital download, streaming and subscription services, and music retailers. Major outlets such as iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, and YouTube, as well as many other stores and platforms, should all go live for sales and streaming today !!

The album “Fading” is the second full album release from Bill E Boyd Project on PIK-TONE! Records. It contains 11 all original self penned songs by Bill E Boyd Project, with topics ranging from loss and sadness to heights of grandeur and optimism, and stoic determination to keep evolving, while accepting what can’t be changed, and hoping for a meaningful if not limitless future. “This group of songs represents a two year period of my life, in the most insightful, and honest way I’ve ever attempted to express myself as an artist, and human being”……Bill E Boyd, July 27th 2023.

I hope many folks will be able receive some good, or enjoyment, or some kind of wisdom or insight from my music, it’s truly the God given medicine of my soul, that stirs in me the desire to reach out and communicate with all the other souls out there, and impart on some pure and resounding level, the lessons, revelations, and the journey of the human spirit. It is with this heart and mindset, that this group songs, notes and lyrics were crafted into the eleven tracks that make up “FADING”, I seek, and gratefully appreciate your support , by listening, following, sharing, and purchasing my music, I thank you as always, and God Bless…….

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