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On August 27th, a legendary musical Texas family deals with pain, and remembrance of suffering the loss of two of its own……..

Well it’s another anniversary of bittersweet memories and the saddening loss of one of Guitardom’s greatest, and Texas Blues’ best friends, the whole music world still mourns Stevie Ray Vaughan. But, what many outside of the Vaughan family, might not know is, that August 27th is not only the day Jimmie Vaughan, lost his little brother Stevie, but it’s also the same date Stevie and Jimmie’s dad “Big Jim” Jimmie Lee Vaughan died as well four years prior to Stevie Ray’s own death in a helicopter crash, with four others, after a show in Wisconsin in 1990.

So I thought about what today must be like for Jimmie Vaughan and his family, and I immediately remembered this track from Jimmie and Stevie’s “Family Style” Album, the song “Tick Tock”, please listen, enjoy and remember Stevie Ray Vaughan and the pilot Jeff Brown, agent Bobby Brooks, bodyguard Nigel Browne, tour manager Colin Smythe, and their families, and if you’ve got family or loved ones around, give ’em a call or even better a hug if you can and tell them how much you love them, cause any day could be our August 27th………

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