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R.I.P. Jimmy Buffett, Come Monday, and So Long Margaritaville…….

” Come Monday it’ll be alright, come Monday I’ll be holding you tight” probably the very first words I can ever remember Jimmy Buffett singing over the radio when I was a kid. Jimmy’s passing just now, sadly in ways, is yet another event, which in times past would’ve marked a major cultural milestone as an end of an era. But in the present tense of our world, it’s simply the latest in a long line of recent partings of our icons from the land of the living. How truly sad ! In a time when everyday people are dealing with sudden major losses of liberty, livelihood and loved ones around the world, it’s not hard to see how the death of an older music star would be met with certain indifference for sure. But still it IS Jimmy Buffett we’re talking about here, remember all the “Parrotheads” out there…….

So long Jimmy, thanks for teaching us that most nearly everything we get ourselves into, is our “own damn fault”…….

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