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TEARS OF JEREMIAH (acoustic version) RELEASED Today on all Major Digital outlets, including iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon………

The worldwide streaming release of “TEARS OF JEREMIAH (acoustic version)” on all major outlets took place today 4/27/2023. This release is an entirely re-energized newly recorded acoustic studio performance of the song “TEARS OF JEREMIAH” FEATURED ON THE BILL E BOYD PROJECT’S 2021 album “OR’ANGE SUNSHINE and other songs”. This emotionally charged song calls attention to the staggering tolls of Roe vs. Wade, and the nightmare of human and sex trafficking that is done to the most vulnerable and precious of our species, our children. (63 million children were aborted under Roe vs. Wade alone, while it’s only a very conservative estimation that 1.4 million children are being abducted, trafficked, abused and murdered each year, when in all likelihood that number is much much higher!) I originally wrote this song as a commentary on our times and the similarities to the story of the prophet Jeremiah, now I see it as a battle cry and final warning as well. Nothing happens unless something changes, nothing changes about a subject unless that subject is brought out into the open and talked about to show the need for change, it’s my hope that this song and it’s new release will help get the subject known and talked about, and be a voice for the voiceless………….

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