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FADING album release set

The album “Fading” is finished and set for worldwide release on 7.27.2023, Pik-Tone! Records announced Friday. The upcoming work is an eleven track set of all new original songs. This is the second full length album and follow up to 2021’s “Or’ange Sunshine and other songs” by Bill E Boyd Project. “The new record has been almost my sole focus for the last eighteen months or longer, and represents one of the tumultuous periods of my life, artistically, personally, and most prominently the emotional costs of the last two years. These songs lay bare some of the most human and honest issues I’ve ever tried to convey as an artist, and on an even deeper level as a spirit and a soul to all my fellow human souls who are navigating this current plane we call life. I can truly say blood, sweat and tears were shed frequently in making of this album.”

“From the very start to finish, this was the record I HAD TO MAKE, there wasn’t any choice on my part at all. Which, I think reflects the driving relentless force I was being carried by, as I wrote, shaped and refined, what would become these eleven songs in their finished form. So much of this project was a consuming fire for me, as a way to both grieve and heal, on some levels though, there is much left that needs healing, it could quite possibly take a lifetime, and I think I captured that aspect as well. Themes of hope, restoration and acceptance all seem to work their way through each song in its own unique way. Even on the most emotionally charged topics of loss and sadness, there’s a sense of overriding determination to salvage some good from each situation. That’s not to say that this a dark or exclusively SERIOUS documentation, nor is it delivered from the soapbox of a sidewalk politician or street preacher, but simply as an adult dealing with real life consequences, and how to change what you can and live with what you can’t.”

Bill E Boyd .6.26.2023

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